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שאלות נפוצות ותשובות 

  • Are there deliveries to the whole country?
    Yes. Except for places beyond the green line. For places that are beyond the green line, you can find out by calling 050-744-8621 Liat.
  • Are there models of shoes that do not appear on the website?
    Yes. There is a physical store in Yishuv Asherat. There you can find models that do not appear on the website. You can find out about different colors and different sizes by calling 050-744-8621
  • Are all the models handmade?
    All the shoes are made by hand, with orthopedic insulation, with very strong stitching! The type of wood and leather from which the shoes are made are of very high quality, which makes the shoe very comfortable and long-lasting.
  • Where are the clogs made?
    All shoes & clogs are manufactured in a boutique factory in Sweden and imported to us by personal importation
  • What are the payment options on the website?
    On the site you can pay with all credit cards in a secure way.
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